Hadoop is a hot topic. The Hadoop open-source platform opens up exciting possibilities for mining big data, and many organizations are exploring how to incorporate Hadoop solutions into their day-to-day operations. EMC Isilon offers an enterprise Hadoop solution, and we have a comprehensive set of documentation describing how to implement Hadoop on an EMC Isilon cluster.

But implementing Hadoop distributions can be a complex process. The Isilon approach is different from traditional Hadoop deployments, and we often get general questions about how Isilon clusters actually work with Hadoop data analytic platform.

To help answer your questions, our team has created a new Isilon and Hadoop overview video that describes the basic architecture and functionality of how Isilon clusters and a Hadoop platform work together.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How Isilon separates storage resources from compute resources
  • How HDFS is supported as a native protocol in OneFS
  • How OneFS protects Hadoop data using enterprise data protection features
  • Which distributions Isilon supports, and how to find more information

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Kirsten Gantenbein

Kirsten Gantenbein

Principal Content Strategist at EMC Isilon Storage Division
Kirsten Gantenbein
Kirsten Gantenbein
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