Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

December was a busy month. I recently shared a survey about which EMC® Isilon® OneFS® topics you would like to learn more about. I’ll announce the survey results and the new Hacker How-To series topic next week.

We also published two videos in December that you can view now.

Technical Demo: EMC Isilon OneFS Simulator

You can now spin up your own virtual OneFS 7.2 cluster. This technical demo video shows you how to download and extract the OneFS Simulator file from the EMC Isilon OneFS Operating System Simulator Download website. It then provides steps for setting up a VMware® player, gathering configuration details, and creating a three-node virtual cluster.

Technical Demo: EMC Isilon SnapshotIQ

This demo video walks you through common configuration tasks using the OneFS web administration and command-line interfaces, such as creating, viewing, reverting, and deleting snapshots.

Stayed tuned to our Isilon Support playlist and the EMC Isilon online community for upcoming videos.

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Kirsten Gantenbein

Kirsten Gantenbein

Principal Content Strategist at EMC Isilon Storage Division
Kirsten Gantenbein
Kirsten Gantenbein
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